The new A-Bat concept is essentially a lightweight, high-utility hybrid compact pickup. The A-Bat is smaller than a Toyota Tacoma and the chassis is only slightly larger than the current Rav-4. The A-Bat is on a car based platform just like the Rav-4 and has a four-cylinder drivetrain. Those features aren’t what make this pickup concept unique though. It’s on the inside and outside that counts. The interior has a removable battery pack for charging AC and DC current to charge almost anything you can think of. The flat-top dash houses twin solar panels to help charge the pack as well as the nav and information system. On the outside, there is a sliding translucent roof panel that moves forward to accommodate taller objects in the bed space, not to mention the hidden sliding drawer inside the bed for substantial box depth for anytime access. Typically, concepts don’t always translate to the real world, but if you ask me, this one certainly does.  [via toyota]