In celebration of the spookiest of holidays, we thought we’d share a few top stories we found around the web today.  Be sure to head over to our friends at, as they’ve got a great Halloween article roundup.  Our favorites?  Five Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween is a must-read.  Also, they’ve got some 2008 Halloween Costume Tips which is helpful for lazy bastards like us who still don’t have a costume…  Last, we also enjoyed the Top 10 Horror Movie Inspirations which we think you will too.  What else happened today?  Check out our list below.

  • Our colleagues at ScreenCrave put together a list of the 10 LEAST scary Halloween films. [screencrave]
  • Asylum has found that big girls not only need love too, but they also get more love than skinny girls. [asylum]
  • When it comes to dating women, lunch is not a date. [thebachelorguy]
  • These sculptures are money. [ballerhouse]
  • New York, New York, big city, expensive book. [coolhunting]

(image courtesy: zizzybaloobah via flickr)