After leaked specs and spy shots, the RSV4 has finally been recognized by Aprilia. It looks like it is essentially the “R” version of the old RSV Mille, the new RSV4 has more angular plastic and is poised to compete with the Ducati 1098 on the World Superbike Circuit. There are two extremely cool aspects to Aprilia’s newest edition to its stables. Customers will actually be able to pick up the RSV4 in either race or road-bound models, pumping out an expected 210hp and 180hp (at the crank we presume) respectively. Also, these two stalions will be powered by 999cc V-Four engines. They won’t be able to run the larger displacement because they aren’t twins but it’ll be interesting to see how they fair against the Japanese in-line fours. No word on price yet, but with the Italian Super Bikes it’s never been about the price tag… it’s all about the style. [Aprilia via AutoBlog]