Acapulco Gold has officially revealed its Fall/winter 2008 collection including t-shirts, caps and skateboards.  This cash-inspired collection makes for some dope fashions and skate gear that we can’t help but admire.  The details, plus many more photos, are available thanks to our friends over at HighSnobiety.  Pay ‘em a visit!  We just noticed– doesn’t George Washington look a bit like Woody Harrelson? [highsnobiety]

Here’s some other news around the web we don’t want you to miss:

  • Cool architecture of the day: the Villa 1 by Powerhouse. [archdaily]
  • The Middle Colors Humidifiers are pod-like cool. [coolhunting]
  • Now, on the lighter side, there’s a pretty strong Princess Leia fetish going around… [asylum]
  • Guy kicks little kid in the crotch.  Guy promptly gets knocked out. [afrojacks]
  • Our friends at TheBachelorGuy are giving away a Core Performance Pack. [bachelorguy]