This is another one of those products that make us scratch our heads as to why this hasn’t been done before. Quooker offers a faucet that delivers instant boiling water. This addition to the kitchen would make our lives a lot easier, from cleaning dishes to making tea or even just making instant soup actually instant, a Quooker faucet can make it happen. The first thought that came to mind is the safety issue. Boiling water at the flip of a switch sounds good in theory but has the potential to cause some serious disfigurement. That’s why they came up with safety measures to put you at ease. Child proofing was a must of course, also the flow is limited to just .05 liters per second so you won’t end up with a gallon of scorching hot water all up in your business. At the moment Quooker faucets are only available in Europe but they reside in over 100,000 homes so it seems like only a matter of time before they expand to the states. [via Trendir]