The brainchild of Daniel Hahn, a German professional designer, the Eden is a 21 meter super-fast motor yacht with two 1,250 horse power engines– that tops off at 46 mph (40 knots). The name “Eden” has been specifically selected for the motor yacht so as to arouse one’s sensibilities and the passion for freedom.

This sleek, delicate motor yacht which has a vertical bow and a contrasting horizontal stern is elegantly made of two different materials, with the lower hull section of carbon fiber and the main body made of wood. The beautiful sparkling blue windscreen matching the shimmering blue waters of the sea is most appropriately set over the glossy black and white body. The water craft oozes luxury and glamour from every part of it, be it the attractive outer look or the comfortable interior which can accommodate three guests and a crew member. [via Diseno-Art]