Beyond their violent employment, weapons have broad reaching iconography in Western culture.  A symbol of power, of dominance and of masculinity, the weapon has been idolized in entertainment media and even infused in modern design.  While we don’t condone violence, we’ve been fascinated by late works by Philippe Starck, Suck UK and others that have taken inspiration from weaponry.  If you share that fascination, read on– for we’ve collected 10 of the most amazing weaponized design items, from coffee mugs to flower vases to umbrellas and more…

The Philippe Starck Bedside Gun Lamp

This 18k gold-plated pistol rests at your bedside– but won’t ward off any intruders.  The Philippe Starck Bedside Gun Lamp brings character and high style to any room in your house, bedroom or otherwise.  Initially designed in 2005, Starck said that “design is my only weapon, so I use it to speak about what is important”.  While you won’t need a CCW license to stash this one on your nightstand, it ain’t cheap– this one runs for just under a grand.

The Brass Knuckle MUG by Thabto

What started as a brilliant design concept by UK’s Thabto design crew is just a concept no more.  Back in April, we covered the Brass Knuckle Coffee MUG to quite a popular response- and as a result of its popularity in the blogosphere, Thabto officially released a production version of the MUG last month.  At $20, it’s price might be a bit steeper than your standard coffee mug, but you can rest assured that no one in your office will even THINK about stealing this out of the dishwasher…

The AK Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Keep your cocktails deadly cold with these babies.  These AK47 Bullet Ice Cube Trays feature twin-clip trays that snap together to mold 12 ice cube bullets at a time, enough to chill a round of martinis or equalize an intruder.  They’re not yet on the market, but retailers will be shipping them as soon as November 4th, 2008.  Get yours, serve ‘em up at your next dinner party– and you’ll blow your guests away.

The Suck UK Gun Vase

While most of these weaponized designs are ambiguous in symbolism, the Suck UK Gun Vase is bold in its approach.  These fused barrels don’t fire bullets, but the classic symbol of love: the rose.  The Suck UK gun vases feature three ceramic pistols joined at the barrel, fit for the included imitation roses.  Add water and fresh roses if you’d like, but these pistol vases are the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table either way.

The Birkiland Umbuster Umbrella

WIth this umbrella accompanying your next rainy day walk to the office, that back alley mugger will think twice about asking for your pocket book.  The Birkiland Umbuster Umbrella is a deadly piece of protection against rain and agression alike.  If a raindrop or ne’er-do-well approaches, you can proudly say “Ask yourself, punk, do you feel lucky?”

The Kill Time Gun Mug

Like the brass knuckle mug above, the Kill Time Gun Mug is not likely to go missing in your office dishwasher.  Part pistol, part coffee mug, this breakfast beretta will raise pulses when pointed at the office bad guys.  Sure, it won’t fire anything other than bad coffee breath, but it sure does look the part.  With this one, you certainly won’t be worrying about the morning line to the coffee machine…

The Ghetto Basics Gun Soap

With this soap, hygiene and hellraising cross paths with grooming and guns.  The Ghetto Basics Gun Soap will keep your parts clean and your better half from flushing the toilet when you’re in the shower.  When you hear someone enter your bathroom, just reach this around the shower curtain– they’ll leave you well enough
alone in peace…

The AR-15 Assault Rifle Chandelier

Hang this above your dining table, your guest will think twice about not finishing their meals.  On this AR-15, the RPG launcher, tactical light and scope attachements are optional.  Okay, maybe not– while the AR-15 Assault Rifle Chandelier isn’t functional, it does provide a whole lot of visual bang.

The Suck UK ShotGun Flask

Our pals at Suck UK strike again with their second entry to our weaponized design list.  The Suck UK ShotGun Flask packs a bit of danger into your drinks, venom into your vodka.  Take our advice– don’t pack this one in your carry-on for your next international flight, or else you might wind up with a scope light in a rather uncomfortable place.  (not the back seat of a Volkswagen)

The Metrokane Bullet Cocktail Shaker

…and one more for the drinkers.  This bullet-shaped cocktail mixer doesn’t mince words, just beverages.  This design is a bit on the ambiguous side, however.  It could be a bullet, but it could be mistaken for something just a touch dirtier.  That aside, this one is aching for a spot on your home bar… So did we miss anything?  If you’ve spotted a sweet weaponized design item, share it with us in the comments!