Going green has finally hit the mainstream. What started as a one car phenomenon, has morphed into something that is entirely necessary. With an off-road bike, you should be getting closer to nature, not harming it. Luckily Zero Motorcycles feels the same way we do. The Zero X Electric Motorcycle has a 40-mile range between battery charges, and is not much loader than your standard pedal mountain bike. Yeah, it’s whisper quiet, not to mention it’s not much bigger than your mountain bike either. Weighing only 140 pounds, a full 100 pounds less than a typical 250 cc dirt bike, it can reach 30 MPH in just two seconds and has a top speed of 60 MPH. Looking to get out on the open and not cause even more damage to our countryside, be a hero and click on Zero.  [$7450 at zeromotorcycles via wired]