One of golf’s greats, Seve Ballesteros is suffering from a brain tumor. This tragic news comes at the same time as the launch of a special watch, a Ballesteros namesake.  Made by Ballesteros and Jaermann & Stubi, the watch includes a case carved out of the golf clubs used by Seve to win the Chunichi Crowns Open in 1991.  The 50 assembled Seve Ballesteros limited series watches  will have an automatic movement, will have the number of the golf club used embossed at the back and the dial color is Seve’s favourite dark blue. It also has Jaermann & Stubi’s signature, a very handly mechanical golf counter.  I’m pretty sure it will attract a lot of golf lovers. Rich golf lovers, that is, because the estimated is 21,500 Swiss Francs. Some $19,000! [via Luxist]