This out of the world design is surely going to make a lot of heads turn. Made in Germany by Blohm and Voss, this 387 feet long Giga Yacht “A”, has three large swimming pools onboard, a master suite, six guest rooms and a forty two staff accommodation. It will cost $140 million to fill up its huge tank of a 757,000 litres capacity. The gigantic beauty stands apart from the rest because of its very intriguing futuristic design. It exudes sheer luxury and class.

Being a designer yacht, the one and only Giga Yacht costs 150 million Euros to build and is owned by Andrey Meinichenko, a Russian billionaire and financer. The yacht is going to be a sure envy to the other billionaires of the world. It takes the cake for style and elegance and a high technology that glides through the blue waters. Now where’s Abramovici when you need him? [via LuxuryProperty]