Built from the very same inspiration of the classic remake of the Casio G Shock watch, American Rag Cie has partnered with Citizen Alterna for this little gem.  Funny enough, American Rag Cie worked on the Casio remake recently, before dropping this one itself.  Our friends over at HypeBeast brought this one to our attention.  Head on over there for the details… [hypebeast]

Here’s what else got our attention around the web today:

  • Here’s a very cool new financial tip community powered by social media. [tipd]
  • First, for some humor, Asylum has a list of embarrasing early-career celeb commercials. [asylum]
  • The disappearing pool table.  [thebachelorguy]
  • Campaign-o-lanterns!  Cut your pumpkin in the shape of your favorite pol. [bltd]
  • Luxury movie theaters are coming stateside. [howtoroll]
  • These skateboard decks are money. [highsnobiety]