Serve up a killer cocktail– without adding molotov.  This Bullet Ice Cube Tray makes a clip of 12 bullet-shaped ice cubes ready for your rocks glass chamber.  While we’ve seen some pretty bad ass cubes in our day (legos, shot glasses, skulls, etc), these are without question our most favorite.  They’re currently available on pre-order for $13.25 USD, with no news yet on their final release.  We can wait, but you can bet your ass that we’ll be saving a slot in our freezer for when these things hit. [find-me-a-gift]

Editor’s Note: Hi Stumblers!  I contacted the manufacturer, and while they don’t have a release date on their website they are expecting these to arrive on November 4th.  Maybe after they’re released we can all get together and have a bullet ice cube fight.  You bring the drinks!