Helmets are an essential part of any cyclists gear, albeit one that is begrudgingly accepted.  We’ll be honest, cycling helmets look dumb– there, we said it.  But if you don’t wear a helmet while cycling, you’re just asking to be Darwin’d.  Known for their goggles, glasses and their world famous skiing helmets, UVEX’s Sport Boss helmet has a couple of features makes this helmet stand out from the rest. The honeycomb lining in the front of the helmet to prevent bugs from getting in. The drop down on the back of the helmet to cover the base of your head and the best feature would be the monocromatic closure. This unique feature allows you to tighten your chin strap wth just a couple clicks of their patented monmatic mechanism. Most importantly, the Uvex Sport Boss actually looks pretty bad ass.  You can keep all the other features, I just dig it ’cause it looks good!  [$90.00 at uvexsports]