While Packers fans may be mourning the loss of their franchise superstar, fans now have a chance to own a bit of Brett Favre’s Green Bay history.  While Favre maintained his primary address in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, he and his family spent their Wisconsin nights in this 5,000 square foot home, now on the market for $475,000.  For a die-hard Favre fan, that’s a steal– and it is likely that Green Bay Real Estate is about to find themselves in a bidding war for the property.  While the home is not listed in Favre’s name, it is held under the maiden name of his wife, formerly Deanna Tynes.  If you miss this one, just wait a year or two– we have a feeling a New York property owned by Tynes will be on the market sooner than later… (hint, hint). [greenbayrealestate]