Outkast’s Andre “3000″ Benjamin has never been afraid to experiment with his style.  For those that have paid attention since the early days, he’s been quite the chameleon– genie hats, football pads, kilts, and most recently the classic threads of the 1930s.  This focus on early 20th century athletic wear has led Andre to launch his own fashion line, dubbed Benjamin Bixby.  Benjamin Bixby makes classic sportwear look relevant to today’s trends in style, as much of his line could fit right in with most dressy-casual wardrobes.  StyleCrave gives this one a big thumbs up for Mr. Benjamin.  While we long for the days when Andre 3000 used to rap (and not sing), we’re roundly impressed by just how far he’s come.  The Benjamin Bixby line is available at Harrod’s in London and Barney’s in New York. [via hypebeast via businessoffashion]