When you’re on the road, space is a luxury.  Whether you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail, camping with friends or driving cross-country, the lack of space forces some hard decisions about what to bring and leave behind.  The guitar-friendly will be happy to learn about the Martin Backpacker Guitar, a small-form six-string acoustic guitar with the tone of a full-body dreadnaught.  The Backpacker Guitar isn’t some cheap gimmick, its hand-made by one of the finest acoustic guitar craftsmen in the world, the good people at Martin Guitar.  Sling the Backpacker over your shoulder, slide it in the side of your trunk or carry it by the fretboard– with a guitar built for the road, there’s no reason to leave your fireside strummer at home. [martinguitar]

(image courtesy: Jonathan Urch via Flickr)